About me

I’m an expert in integrated and participatory urban development. My range of expertise encompasses the elaboration and implementation of urban development concepts, housing strategies, participation processes and peer learning networks. I’ve been working as a consultant in municipal, national and international topics since 2020.

In the city of Leipzig I had been in charge of integrated urban development for more than 20 years. There I dealt with different economical, ecological and social challenges of the city and how to balance them in a sustainable way. In particular I was responsible for the integrated urban development concept, the housing policy concept and the coordination office for citizen participation “Thinking Leipzig Ahead”. From 2018 to 2020 I was heading the urban planning office with zoning and the development of new mixed-use neighborhoods.

I gained international experiences in the Ukraine (e.g. GIZ Programs, Leipzig Prize for Integrated Urban Development, Kiev General Plan) and in the United States (“Dialogue for change (D4C)” https://www.gmfus.org/us-and-german-cities-sustainable-urban-development-d4c). But I also was a speaker at workshops in Georgia, Serbia and South Korea.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail to info@stadtentwicklung-heinig.de